SARMALS ( also Sadmal/Surmal ) , are the Pahari Rajputs popularly known as Pahari Raje , belonging to Suryavanshi Lineage of Hindu Kshatriya Class. They lived in lower hills of Dugar Desh, so, also known as the Dogra Rajputs.
In Rajatarngini, there is mention of Thakkuras, the chiefs of the hills who acknowledged their suzerainty to strong kashmir rulers . They are being addressed as the Lords of country by Kalhana. Sarmals are the offshoot of these Feudal Lords , Thakkuras.


They were active warriors . Mohd. Habib regards them as the actual fighters in India like the knights of Europe. In
his words, "the thakur could face death, that was easy for him but he could not risk captivity"
(Mohd. Habib, Introd. to Elliot & Dowson, Vol. II, p.44.

They were as so much proficient in fighting that this spirit could successfiilly be maintained by them till the old age.They provided the sure quota of soldiers required during the wars and monarch set up of kashmir.They were lover of horses and archery.
In Kalhana Rajatarngini , these Hill-Rajas or Thakurs ,  are presented as playing a significant role in Kashmiri politics from the 11th century onward.
The Hill-Rajas allied their houses with the royal house of Kashmir through marriage. The kings of Kashmir played a correspondingly powerful role in the local politics of the Hill-Rajas.The goodwill or obedience of the Hill-Rajas must always have been a desideratum for the kings of Kashmir, in order to regulate contact between themselves and the powers of the north Indian plains.


Sarmals belongs to Survayansha DYNASTY. It is the dynasty in which Incarnation of Lord Ram took place.

VANSH= Suryavansh
GOTRA= Bhardwaj

Sun dynasty is oldest among the kshatriyas.

The societies in Himalayan region from jammu to Himachal Pradesh and Himachal to Uttrakhand , there is similar pattern of history, where numerous small kingdoms scattered over hills and small valleys.
To term it more precisely , these kingdoms were rather fortified villages of warrior--landlords known as Thakurs and Ranas.
These Feudal Lords were Rajputs by lineage.Most of Rajput groups in this region have origin in these kingdoms, the name of which became the name of their clan. Actually, similar for Sarmal Clan which have its origin in Sauram hills of Dugar region of Samba District of Jammu & Kashmir.The family of Rajputs of Sauram Region were then begin to known as Sarmal who were Suryavanshi Kshatriya.


Majority of the them are concentrated in the Samba District of the Indian-administered Jammu & Kashmir.Moreover, also scattered in Jammu, Kathua, Doda, Katra, Bhadrawah and neighbouring states like Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.


Everyone having a surname of Rajput clan is not always a Rajput. There are instances when other caste servants of the Rajputs also started using the title of the clan, the Rajputs living with them know that they are not Rajputs but their servants but outsiders not knowing may confuse these to be a Rajput. Also suppose a Rajput marries a lower varna or caste his children will not be considered as Rajputs. No true Rajput will marry his children. So even though children may use the title of his father they are no longer considered as Rajputs and that forces these children to marry in other castes and they are no longer Rajputs. That is, A Rajput must be pure blood and all his ancestors must be from Rajput clans. True Rajputs are connected with each other by blood relations like a web.
Don't indulge in Inter-caste marriage because it is not good for our race.

Jai Rajputana
Jai bhawanI
Jai Kuldev


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